Tallinn Music Week

27 Mar – 2 Apr 2017

TMW is one of Europe’s leading city festivals with a carefully crafted line-up of various art forms for a curious mind

Estonia kicked off the international tech conference Slush with Estonian president inviting everyone to become an e-resident

On Tuesday, November 29 Enterprise Estonia, e-Residency and Tallinn Music Week festival hosted the official opening party, Enter e-Estonia of the international technology conference Slush in Helsinki, Finland. Taking place in the three-chambered heart of the Helsinki nightlife – Kuudes Linja, Kaiku and Stidilä complex –, the party featured thrilling live acts and DJs from […] Read more…
1st December 2016

Estonia to kick off the international technology conference Slush in Helsinki, Finland with Enter e-Estonia party

On Tuesday, November 29 Enterprise Estonia, e-Residency and Tallinn Music Week festival will host the official opening party, Enter e-Estonia of the international technology conference Slush in Helsinki, Finland. Taking place in the three-chambered heart of the Helsinki nightlife – Kuudes Linja, Kaiku and Stidilä complex – in the colourful district of Kallio, the party […] Read more…
24th November 2016

Chamber Choir Sireen to release a debut album ’Terra Incognita’ with a special performance on 18th September

Estonian Chamber Choir Sireen, who gained international attention after the bold cross-genre collaboration with highly influential UK post punk band The Membranes, releases their first album ’Terra Incognita’ that includes two tracks featuring Estonian electronic music group Algorütmid. The choir is presenting their debut album in Tallinn on Sept 18th. The album contains 19 tracks, […] Read more…
14th September 2016


Tue–Sun, 28th March – 2nd April

A programme of the cutting-edge contemporary art, including an evening of extended exhibition viewing, performances and meet-the artist-sessions.  TMW Arts is coordinated by Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC) and centres around Tallinn Tuesdays – a series of joint opening events among a group of Tallinn galleries. On Tuesday, 28 March, all participating galleries will be open for extended hours from 5 to 9 pm with exhibitions specially commissioned for TMW Arts.

Tallinn Tuesdays Programme on 29 March 2016

17:00 EKA gallery (Vabaduse väljak 6/8, entrance from the backyard of Tallinn Art Hall) Tue – Sat 12 pm – 6pm
Ggroup exhibition, curated by Francisco Martínez and Lilli-Krõõt Repnau

Place Oddity

The exhibition invites the visitor to a journey through spatiality, temporality, and subjectivity. More precisely, the show draws attention to those places that produce a limbo or liminal condition when occupying them, like a passage into a heightened consciousness. Odd places are compellingly attractive, yet also intimidating and uncanny (strangely familiar). The artworks included in the show explore radically different senses of place, rendering fundamental notions such as identity, agency and normality. Participating artists are: Inmates of Tallinn Prison, Flo Kasearu, Mihkel Kleis, Triin Pitsi, Lilli-Krõõt Repnau, Paco Ulman, Ingel Vaikla, Vello Vinn and Kristina Õllek


17:30 Okapi gallery (Niguliste 2) Mon – Sat 11am – 6pm, Sun 11am – 4pm

Temuri Hvingija, Rait Siska, Risto Tali, Erik Alalooga

Photographer Hvingia, metal artists Siska and Tali and a performance artist Alalooga will put together an art project which captures and combines feelings, perceptions and attitudes towards contemporary art and the world through different media. Joint works of four artists are inspired by overlapping perceptions about eternity and various art techniques still valid today. The exhibition presents works made with different techniques, technologies and forms from photography, metal art and music. There is a special performance by Russian musician “Fjordwalker” at the opening.


18:00 Hobusepea gallery (Hobusepea 2) Wed – Mon 11am – 6pm
Art & Helena
O’ why do we play this game?

Artists´ duo Art Nõukas and Helena Keskküla have both graduated from installation and sculpture department at Estonian Academy of Arts. With this exhibition they are wondering about the beauty and purpose of playing games: “We are the fastest and most versatile by ourselves, but then we lack direct competition. Together it’s interesting to compete with the other. It has the most movement, emotion, sweat and tears. “


19:00 Temnikova & Kasela gallery (Lastekodu 1), Wed – Sat, 3pm –7pm
Sigrid Viir (EE) and Jimmy Limit (CA)
Import Export

Sigrid Viir’s and Jimmy Limit’s exhibition “Import Export” talks about import and export in a general commercial sense, alluding to the transportation of art works and artists from one continent to another, customs procedures, and the mass migration of people and files. The title of the exhibition also refers to photography, the widespread use and distribution of photographs, and digital importing and exporting. Estonian artist Sigrid Viir’s artistic practice is closely linked to photography, and installation as a sculptural form. Jimmy Limit, a photographer and author of playful installations, is a Canadian-born artist with Estonian roots. In his art practice, Jimmy is interested in the immaterial everyday consumption of images and its consequences.


20:00 Rundum (Pärnu mnt 154) Thu – Sun 12pm – 6pm
Urbiquity (Stefano Carnelli (UK), Pablo Conejo (ES), Mattias Malk (EE))
Memory and Movement

Urbiquity is a critical and discursive platform that employs both urban theory and creative practice in creating new, interdisciplinary research. Memory and Movement consists of three projects that each deal with global political and/or economic migration, on a personal level and also more widely. Pablo Conejo and Silvia Andredemarin’s IS*PIAN focuses on the dichotomy between Ecuador and Spain through the presentation Ecuadorian immigrants’ beliefs about life in Spain. Mattias Malk’s Hiraeth gives a very personal take on the Bosnian War by contrasting family photographs of those who fled during the war to photographs taken today. Stefano Carnelli’s Transhumance looks into the pastoral tradition of shepherding in Italy today. Without answering the questions it raises, the exhibition considers possibilities for further discussions.


TMW Arts Talks Programme
On Thursday, 31 March, 5 pm, the artist duo Art Nõukas and Helena Keskküla, whose practice is closely connected to music, will give a talk at Hobusepea gallery (Hobusepea 2). Both are also participants of the Young Artist contest, the artists will talk about their practice, installation art, collaboration, of what it means to be a young artist, and also of their future aspirations. The talk is moderated by curator and critic Rebeka Põldsam.

On Saturday, 2 April, 3pm the artist collective Neandertaali koobaskool (Neanderthal Cave School) will be leading a walk around Tallinn followed by a panel talk with the members of the collective Viktor Gurov, Hedi Jaansoo, Kristel Raesaar, and Pire Sova. Neanderthal Cave School is a vehicle for questioning, testing and expanding the notions of academic art education, artistic collaboration and creative production in a world dominated by neoliberalist ideas and web2.0.

Programmed specially for TMW Arts, a series of educational and public programmes will coincide with Beauty and the Beast, an exhibition by Kris Lemsalu and Tiit Pääsuke on view at Tallinn Art Hall. Kris Lemsalu is young Estonian artist who received huge media attention after her performance with a porcelain turtle shell at Frieze New York. Lemsalu often experiments with traditional techniques to create her multilayered works. Her works are provocative, colourful and mixing sculpture with performance. Tiit Pääsuke is a living art legend, who has exhibited at over 20 solo shows from 1973 and is considered one of the leading figures of Estonian painting in 70s and 80s.  Tallinn Art Hall (Vabaduse väljak 8) is open to public from Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm -6pm.

All the above-mentioned exhibitions will remain open throughout Tallinn Music Week on the galleries’ usual opening hours from Wednesdays to Sundays.