About the Festival | Tallinn Music Week

About the Festival

Tallinn Music Week 2018

2th – 8th April

Held each spring in Tallinn, Estonia since 2009, Tallinn Music Week (TMW) is a city festival with an extensive music and arts programme and a new business conference – a weeklong celebration of talent, curiosity, creativity, freedom and equality. Having started out as a music industry conference and talent showcase festival, TMW has broadened its concept further into an all-encompassing city festival, covering arts, design, technology, city space and food culture, and various societal issues. Already in its 10th year, TMW is one of Europe’s fastest growing city festivals and major meeting points for Eastern, Western and Central European creative communities.

The core agenda of TMW 2017 was creative impact with shared vision and common action, encompassing subjects like sustainable development, equality, diversity and special needs, future skills and smarter governance.

TMW 2017 recurring themes and topics

  • Sustainable Development Goals, including sustainable city topics
  • Equality and diversity
  • Integration of communities
  • Estonia’s presidency of the EU Council (Digital Single Market etc)
  • Media’s challenges in the era of „fake news“

Music remains integral to Estonia and, for a country with a population barely more than that of five London boroughs, the amount is extraordinary. It’s astonishing. More than that, Tallinn Music Week repeatedly reveals greatness.

Kieron Tyler, MOJO magazine, UK