Ambient, Folk, Vocal

6hunesseq ("moisture" in the Võro language) is a unique sounding band whose music is characterised above all by curiosity. How do the organ and the bowed lyre fit into the delicate and sensitive world of traditional sacred music? How did folk songs speak to our ancestors and how did they develop them at home? According to the Estonian composer and folklore collector Cyrillus Kreek, these songs consisted mainly of twists, turns and hooks. How does this music inspire us to use our voices and find a new and fascinating symbiosis, a sizzling moisture?

6hunesseq won the Grand Prix of the Mooste Elohelü Folk Music Arrangements Festival in 2022. They were also awarded the prize of the festival's patron, Ingrid Rüütel, and voted the audience's favourite. They also performed in the official programme of the Viljandi Folk Festival 2022.