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One of the most exciting alternative bands Abudu was formed in 2015, which firmly put their tiny hometown Šakiai on the Lithuanian rock map.

Having quickly built a dedicated fan base online, Abudu released their debut album Akys žvyro pilnos (Eyes Full of Gravel) in 2017.

2020 was a big year for Abudu – the band released their sophomore album Gaisras (Fire), which has been described as one of the best alternative albums of the year in their homeland. It might be argued that no two songs on this record sound the same: from aggressive guitar sounds to birds chirping. Singing exclusively in Lithuanian, Abudu wear their hearts on their sleeves. These are the songs of passion, dark nights of the soul, tenderness, anger and depression. And, as it seems, many fans got the message – the album, maybe even unexpectedly to its creators, soared on Lithuanian streaming charts.