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ÆØNS is a four-piece modern metal ensemble hailing from Tartu, Estonia founded in 2018. The group's original members, Iisak Pilli on vocals and Jörg-Erik Hanikat on guitars, were later joined by Robert Leht, taking on drumming duties, and Martin Randalu on second guitar. The band has released a couple of singles and are gearing up to release their debut album The Rotten Unknown this year.

Mostly taking their inspiration from dark, somber, and fantasy fueled themes, the band strives to paint an ominous and eerie sonic landscape with their melodic palette, whilst staying true to their heavy roots through the more rhythmic elements. Lyrically, the music urges the listener to a more philosophical conversation with themselves, exploring subjects like existential burden, social consciousness and the nature of being. Musically, they draw inspiration from bands such as Silent Planet, Spiritbox, Norma Jean, Loathe, Night Verses and Architects to name a few. However, while their main musical focus is on modern metal, the collective feels very strongly about experimenting with different styles and transcending the barriers between genres.