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A new project by a Lithuanian guitarist/producer Victor Diawaras, Afrodelic is an intriguing mix of African music and electronic rhythms. Born in Lithuania, raised in Mali and now permanently living in Lithuania, Victor is a household name in Lithuania and is also a successful producer who runs one of the most important venues in Vilnius – art factory Loftas.

He is currently adding finishing touches to Afrodelic’s debut album *Dusunkun Hakili * (in translation The Memory of the Heart), due to be released in summer 2021. It’s a tribute to his father, the well-known Malian writer and poet Gaoussou Diawara, whose lyrics and poems feature across the upcoming release. Most of the songs were recorded in Bamako, the capital of Mali in collaboration with many local musicians. Afrodelic has performed at Reepenbahn, Primavera Pro and Liverpool Sound City festivals in 2020 and Eurosonic Noordeslag in 2021.