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Aleksandr Aleksandrov (born 1988) is a music producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Riga.

He is mostly known as the leader of the band NIKTO, whose 2019 debut album received positive reviews in Latvia and Russia and was nominated for leading Latvian music awards. He also performs as an improviser in solo concerts, collaborations and as a member of free-improv trio MVTE.

His work crosses a broad palette of genres, bringing together his classical guitar background and at times almost lyrical melodism with elements of rock music, aleatorics and noise. ​In his solo performances he establishes the concept of Idiotic Improvisation as a way out of 'idiomatic' and 'non-idiomatic' dichotomy. Idiotic Improvisation includes switching between the two, as well as non-improvised elements, real-time composition and song-writing allowing the improviser to explore the limits of their inner freedom.