Alexander RomanceGB

Trap , Hip-Hop/Rap, Alternative, Pop

Alexander Romance is an alt hip-hop artist from Dumfries and Galloway inspired by the SoundCloud rap scene of the mid-late 2010s and taking influence from artists such as Lil Peep, Travis Scott and Playboi Carti. Alexander blends the braggadocious nature of traditional hip-hop with modern emo lyrics and melodies, creating a sonic worldscape that reflects his internal environment.

Alexander began releasing music in 2022 and began to find his stride in 2023 with high-energy performances and intense crowd interaction, including performing on the main stage of YouthBeatz 2023 alongside artists such as Joel Corry and Ella Henderson.

Now under the management of Jo Ricketts of NXGEN, Alex's star will only rise as time goes on.