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This madman Finnish accordionist Antti Paalanen will simultaneously charm you and scare the sh*t out of you. When he growls in his best Finnish Death Metal voice and casts those pale, peeled-grape eyes on you, you’re not sure whether he is going to play you a song that will root you to the spot or rip your still-beating heart from your chest and devour it raw.

Antti Paalanen creates his wild music on the accordion very characteristic to Finnish folk music. Although inspired by tradition, Paalanen has nevertheless created a sound world all his own, where tradition gives way to trance-like minimalism, EDM influenced beats, influences of Siberian throat-singing and controlled yet insightful use of modern sound technology. In his hands the accordion is like a living, breathing, metallic dance machine.

Antti Paalanen has rocked the stages across Europe, Japan, Canada and USA since the release of his third album Meluta in 2014. HIs latest full-length Rujo was released by Rockadillo Records in 2019.