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  • Alternative
  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Singer-songwriter
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One of the most successful bands on the Estonian folk scene, Curly Strings is a great mix of modern bluegrass and their homeland’s traditions. The foundation for the acoustic ensemble’s creation is made of beautiful, catchy melodies and a disarmingly sincere expression. Their star shot into the Estonian music sky in summer 2014 with the single “Kauges külas” (“In a Faraway Village”), which still has a steadfast place in many Estonians’ hearts and radio playlists. In 2016 at the European World of Bluegrass festival, Curly Strings received the Liz Meyer special award, as well as the main prize – the European Bluegrass award. In May 2021, they released their newest album Pidu meis eneses (Festivity Within), the first part of a double album, bursting with vernal energy.