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Dead Furies is a Tallinn-based high energy rock’n’roll band that was formed in 2016. This threesome consists of vocalist and guitarist Ardo Kivi, bassist Robert Kõrvits and drummer Mikk Kerner.

From the get-go this band has kept really busy, releasing an album a year. Their fourth full-length studio album Midnight Ramble was released in 2020. Dead Furies sound like the bastard son of The Stooges and KISS, and they’re known to put on a wild and unpredictable live show. They have toured and played relentlessly in their home country but also in Russia, Finland, Latvia and Spain.

"This is the kinda shit we should all be listening to, all the time. It’s swaggering, obnoxious, full-tilt gonzo rock ’n’ roll created by three dead-enders with nowhere to go and all night to get there." – Classic Rock Magazine

“Rock music from Estonia established a spot on my musical map, thanks to the Dead Furies.” – *Über Röck *

"Dead Furies might be Estonia's greatest contribution to rock and roll!" – Spaghetty Town Records