Florian WahlEE

  • Art Pop
  • Avant-Garde
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Hyperpop

Sun-kissed and bound for love, Florian Wahl is back in Tallinn to take you on a delirious voyage he dreamt of as an embryo. Focusing on storytelling and performance, the stage is where Florian’s fantasies and real-life sufferings collide, creating a sincerely surreal moment. His musical output ranges from vaporwave to r&b slow jams, bossa nova to Japanese maximalism, heartfelt piano ballads to glitchy paranoid nightmares. With his cloud of colorful characters and eccentric setting, Florian’s performances often disturb in the most wonderful ways. Whether he’s dancing in a pool of bloody butterflies or is tangled with his mannequin lovers, catharsis is always guaranteed.