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A project that started out in 2004, Goresoerd has quickly evolved into the spearhead of intelligent, vicious and tongue-in-cheek extreme music in the Estonian scene. Hectic, hyper-driven and entertaining live shows have paved the way for the band's success. The band has opened up and toured with bands like Amorphis, Stam1na, Napalm Death, Sybreed, Insomnium, Skalmöld and performed at well-known festivals such as Rockfest and Tuska Open Air in Finland, Devilstone Open Air in Lithuania and Hard Rock Laager in Estonia. Goresoerd has also toured independently in Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Finland.

The band has released five full-length albums up to date. The last three albums Asülum (2013), Antikeha (2016) and Kain (2019) have also been nominated for the Estonian Music Awards in the metal album of the year category.