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Gromyka was formed in Russia in 2014. Their bizarre, albeit tuneful, blend of heavy garage rock, Italo disco and Soviet estrada is overlaid with beeping Sputnik sounds of the Stylophone 350S synthesizer and Glockenspiel ostinato. The vocals are declamatory and formidable, fit to be delivered from a congress rostrum.

Many prominent music festivals have been keen to have Gromyka in their lineups: Tallinn Music Week (Tallinn, Estonia), Stereoleto (SPb, Russia), Wschód Kultury – Inne Brzmienia International Festival (Lublin, Poland) and SKIF – Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SPb, Russia).

The Gromyka phenomenon is also in demand at literary festivals such as the Finnmark International Literary Festival (Norway) and the Irkutsk International Book Festival (Russia).

With the release of their fifth album 20000 Years Under the Sea in October 2020, Gromyka reinforced their reputation as one of the most interesting and unusual bands in Russia.