Hurja HallaFI


Hurja Halla is a Finnish contemporary folk music duo that plays personal, newly composed folk music based on the Nordic music tradition. The duo's music is inspired by the nature and mythology of the North and their debut album Riitti is dedicated to forests. The mood of their songs ranges from longing to wild, trance-like beats and can be described as Nordic folk music with an experimental twist. The twist comes from a rather unusual combination of instruments: cello, jaw harp, overtone flute, harmonica and human voice.

Cellist and singer Liisa Haapanen is one of the few Finnish folk cellists. Multi-instrumentalist Janne Ojajärvi specialises in traditional wind instruments such as overtone flutes, jaw harps and harmonicas. Hurja Halla's music is inspired by Nordic nature.. Hurja Halla have been selected to participate in the Global Music Match 2022 project.