Alternative, Electronic, Folk, Pop

As a singer, pianist and composer, Estonian-Swiss artist Ingrid Lukas has created her own unique blend of tradition and modernity, oscillating between pop, folk and electronica. In Lukas' musically colourful cosmos, everything is connected. Her Nordic roots meet modern song forms in the form of Estonian folk songs and merge into a spherical electronic pop that the artist continues to develop throughout her artistic career.

Ingrid Lukas was born in Tallinn, Estonia. She emigrated to Switzerland in 1994 and graduated from the Zurich School of Music as a jazz and pop singer in 2007. The band, also known as INGRID LUKAS, was formed in 2007 and has since performed in Estonia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Holland, Latvia, Slovakia and Italy.

At TMW Ingrid Lukas and her band will present their new album "ELUMELOODIA", which will be released on 14th April on Ronin Rhythm Records. The new material is characterised by fluid rhythms, cosmic vocals, urban grooves, but also a touch of calm and melancholy. It's a continuation and a new step in her pure, ever-changing musical vision.