Kadri VoorandEE

Alternative, Indie, Jazz, Pop

Kadri Voorand is a charismatic singer, composer, pianist and improviser who creates music through strong emotional storytelling, combining catchy rhythms with a unique way of blending improvisational pop, jazz and folk elements. Voorand has received every possible award in Estonia.

She performs in a duo with Mihkel Mälgand, one of the most active bass players in Estonia. Kadri and Mihkel's strong feelings for each other's musical rhythms and improvisational moments make for a tight, award-winning duo whose pop-like melodies are combined with virtuoso improvisation and skilful technique. They perform heartbreaking power ballads alongside hip grooves, accompanied by a unique twist in sound and unexpected, daring lyrics. They have toured the world's most prestigious festivals. Their latest album, In Duo with Mihkel Mälgand, was released on the legendary ACT label.