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Katja Adrikova is a resident DJ in the underground techno club HALL in Tallinn. She hosts the monthly show “Personal Space” online on IDA Radio in Tallinn and Helsinki. She moves sensitively between various electronic genres like techno, breaks, electro, dub-techno and creates a captivating, poignant and playful experience for the dancers.

Katja started exploring music in her early teens. Influenced by industrial, techno and electronic music at parties in Tallinn and Berlin, she started regularly playing in 2009. She found her techno audience when playing at MÜRK parties and gathered local and international recognition.

She has played alongside artists like Marcel Dettmann, Newa, Sigha, DVS1, Antigone, François X, Thomas Hessler, Dr. Rubinstein and other internationals. Katja has played internationally at parties in Tampere, Riga, Milan and Berlin.