Kaukolampi / LRXYFI

Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Techno

What do you get when you fuse the headiness of cosmic with the visceral impact of techno, the intensity of metal with the churning power of dark ambient? The answer lies in Timo Kaukolampi's discography. Co-founder of K-X-P (whose albums have been critically acclaimed by Pitchfork, MOJO and The Quietus), Kaukolampi has released four albums with the experimental electronic trio. Although his solo material draws from a wellspring of influences ranging from the Berlin School of the 1970s to minimalist masters such as Éliane Radigue, it all sounds excitingly new. Strikingly beautiful instrumental pieces are layered with bassy depths and glistening peaks, with networks of labyrinthine, centreless electronic pathways - has music ever sounded so pulverising? Often collaborating with fellow K-X-P member Tuomo Puranen, the pair have notably created synth-heavy accompaniment for TV and film, even winning a Jussi Award for Best Original Score in 2018 (“Euthanizer”).

Timo Kaukolampi joins forces with the audiovisual duo LRXY. Tomas De Rita and Jukka Koops create image and sound using old analogue vector monitors and modular synthesizers. Kaukolampi's cosmic music meets LRXY's minimalist oscilloscope visuals and sounds in an organic and interactive way. Image becomes music and sound becomes image - it's a pure visualisation of electricity.