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L'Impero della Luce / The Empire of Light is an Italian experimental music duo that explores the sounds of electric current by using the technique of electromagnetic induction. This particular approach to music allows the listener to get closer to the sound of the electron, the physical and historical source of electronic music.

*Il Mare di Dirac * / The Dirac Sea (2020) is their first album. From 2020, L'Impero della Luce is part of Keychange and an endorser of the SOMA Laboratory.

L'Impero della Luce creates real time compositions by organizing the sounds of electromagnetic fields produced by daily devices, disused technologies​ - old power supplies, clock radios, CD players, cathode ray tube televisions - and small household appliances - lamps, fans, electric toothbrushes.

L'Impero della Luce is: Johann Merrich and eeviac.