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Slovenian post-punk/indie-rock band Lelee quickly made a name for itself in the regional music scene. They are notable for their radiant DIY sound and vocals that vary from Macedonian to Serbian. Their debut Čuka bije pumpa (2021) brings forth prominent male-female harmonies à la Yo La Tengo that stay ingrained in your memory for a long time. In their songs LeLee references to the pioneering unpolished sound of veterans like Dinosaur Jr. and The Pixies, contemporary indie punk ambassadors Sweeping Promises, easy-going jangle pop and Yugoslav new wave. Lelee are champions of melodious indie songwriting with a knack for pop sensibility, smoothly delivering catchy choruses and lighthearted, sometimes nostalgic and every so often even more fierce melodies. Lelee’s music is like Adriatic indie rock that is emotive, sincere and straightforward.