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Romania’s first YouTube sensation, Lucia had her breakthrough in 2012 with the single „Silence” – reaching 27 million views worldwide and leading to the release of her debut album Silence in 2015.

Through her soft, fragile vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Lucia conveys universal questions and experiences, making her second album Samsara (2018) an extremely relatable journey. The tasteful arrangements, with lush piano melodies, elegant strings and daring electro beats, make for a relevant contemporary pop release, worthy of sitting next to Birdy, Aurora or Regina Spektor on the shelves of music enthusiasts.

Lucia performs in a band format, with the bass guitar, drums, keys and occasional cello offering an expressive framework to her compositions. She played big local festivals such as Untold (2018) and has also opened for international acts like Asaf Avidan (2016) and Kimbra (2019). Her latest single “Who” announces her imminent third studio release Immersia due in October 2021.