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Rainday Station was formed in the murky year of 2011 when an interest in new wave and post-punk revival hit the local scene. Originally a two-man project, experimenting with guitar sounds and featuring a cold and gothic rock atmosphere thanks to minimalistic bass lines and deep voice timbre. It was later joined by 2 more members, a drummer and a guitarist, who, in turn, gave the band a more rocking twist and made their sound become fuller, broader and bolder. In Autumn 2016 the band has released its debut LP called "Happy Songs for the Saddest City". In 2019 Rainday Station returned to the studio for the new 8-track record called "Bitter" where synths, extending band’s atmospheric sound,were used for the first time.
2020 was the the year when first music video was finally produced and released: "Scarecrow" shows a dark story, using surreal images. In 2021 the band is planning to release a brand new 4-track EP.