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Sander Saarmets is an interdisciplinary composer, sound designer & electronic musician hailing from Estonia.

Starting from the 2000's electronic scene of Tallinn, Saarmets has been on a constant sonic expedition that has led him to places like Taiwan, Sweden, France & Germany. He has studied electronic music at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and is a proud member of the CoPeCo alumni.

During his journey, he has created solo and ensemble works, music and soundscapes for film (e.g. Uus Maailm, Igapäevaelu müstika, BERG & A Pile of Ghosts), contemporary dance (e.g. Ainukordus & Tuhande silmaga jumal) & gallery space. He has released albums under the monikers of Muschraum (Ulmeplaadid, 2005) & V4R1 (Grainy Records, 2017).

In 2020, Sander's music was performed at Fylkingen in Stockholm, Amphitheatre of the Lyon Opera House and could also be heard at the New York Fashion Week.