Sekret TeknikFI

Alternative, Electronic, Post-punk, Synthpop

Sekret Teknik's music combines modern synthwave, post-punk disco, techno and EBM. It can be described as a dystopian soundtrack from a fictional past, highly danceable 80s cyberpunk, mind-bending sci-fi references sung by a robot voice, and melodies that make androids cry (with electric sheep). Sekret Teknik will release their next album Missile Command in March 2024 in cooperation with Stupido Records. The title is taken from a classic Commodore 64 computer game of the same name. In the game, players try to stop enemy missiles from hitting cities.

Sekret Teknik is one of the most active synth bands in Finland and is known as a killer live act. If you like Blade Runner, Sigourney Weaver, H.P. Lovecraft, Sisters of Mercy and Duran Duran, you will love Sekret Teknik!