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The Free Musketeers uses sounds and rhythms to seek out little-implemented forms of creative expression. The group’s members pursue free improvisation, a spontaneity that swells to ecstasy, which enables them to bring together the arts of music, literature, drama, performance, and stand-up, thereby transforming words into sounds, sounds into movements, and vice versa. If you were to translate a bizarre David Lynch character into sound, the result would be something like The Free Musketeers’ music. The ensemble’s own formation was spontaneous, its cultural justification being the dramatisation of literature – something that has brought along ever closer collaboration between writers and musicians. The Free Musketeers is composed of three musicians and one author: composer and double bassist Mingo Rajandi, modular synth player Ekke Västrik, drummer Ahto Abner, and writer and vocalist Jan Kaus.