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Tobias Tammearu Trio – genre-hopping, jazz-infused music with bipolar disorder. Their music can be described as spacious and immersive, at times rebellious and confusing. The main focus will be shifted from music to musicians. That’s why Tobias will be joined by Robert Rebane on bass guitar and Martin Petermann on drums. There’s only one rule – don’t expect anything, let the music guide you.

Tobias Tammearu belongs to the youngest generation of Estonian jazz musicians. Born into a family of actors, he learned at a very young age to treat music as an art form and how important communication is in music. His musical pursuit led him to study at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam after graduating from a music high school in Tallinn. That’s where he became affiliated with the international group Twisted Heads, led by Chicago-based pianist Jake Victor. They won the Downbeat Award in 2018.

Tobias Tammearu Trio released their debut album Bivium in late 2020.