Tuulikki Bartosik feat. Sander MölderEE, SE

Alternative, Crossover, Electronic, Experimental

Hailing from Sweden and Estonia, Tuulikki Bartosik is a versatile and accomplished musician who has forged her own path in the music world with boundless creativity. As an accordionist, composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, she has established herself as a true artist with a unique voice.

Bartosik's music reflects her adventurous spirit and relentless curiosity, drawing on a wide range of influences to blend traditional and contemporary sounds with remarkable skill. Her solo albums have garnered international recognition and critical acclaim, with comparisons to such notable composers as Eric Satie, Philip Glass and Terry Riley. Most recently, Bartosik has collaborated with an Estonian musician, composer and producer Sander Mölder on her new album Playscapes. The album is a testament to her artistic vision and willingness to take risks in pursuit of her musical goals.