Dance, Electronic, Folktronica, Vocal

Venga Venga is the Brazilian duo Ricardo Don and Denny Azevedo, both vocalists, music producers and visual artists based in Lisbon since 2019. Venga Venga invites you to transcend, presenting sounds and aesthetics that range from the eccentricity of remote cultures to the most metropolitan subversions. Musically, they offer a sonic journey through myths and rhythms from all continents. Through vocal experiences, mixing samples with their own lyrics, Venga Venga lead their performances to a sensitive experience of collective catharsis.

Having participated as promoters and musicians in some of the most important music events in São Paulo, they have become involved in the Lisbon scene, carving out their own space through numerous and constant collaborations. Recently, they were invited to curate a programme at a new venue in the city, called Gala Cri Cri, at the Palácio do Grilo.