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ZeMe is a musical duo deeply inspired by the mythology of the Earth. It’s a personal story told by two exciting artists – the queen of the Latvian zithre kokle Laima Jansone and Monsta, master of the turntables and electronica. Both were born in Riga, Latvia, as was ZeMe. However, another important country for the band’s polish and presentation is Japan, where they toured in 2015 and 2016, learning the art of observation along the way.

Their melodies hail from their heritage, Latvian roots music, meet with cutting-edge technologies, and revel in the competition between free improvisation and live looping. The meditative sounds of the kokle interacting with expressive scratching makes this duo a must to discover. It is that moment, when the ease of a flowing kokle stream crashes into a groove as hard as rocks along its banks; that moment when two different spirits come together to express the instinct of being part of this earth.