Speakers | Tallinn Music Week
2-8 April 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia


Arne Van Oosterom
DesignThinkers Group, Founder

Arne is internationally recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in the emerging fields of service design and design thinking, merging successfully business thinking and creative thinking. He has extensive experience in facilitating and developing service design thinking training sessions and master classes. He has created his own formats like “DT Bootcamp” and “Customer Journey LAB”, teaching at several universities as well as facilitating in-house training sessions and master classes.

Elka Gotfryd
Project for Public Spaces, Senior Associate

Elka Gotfryd is a project manager on the Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community team, and manager of the pioneering Sound Places program in partnership with Chamber Music America. Elka brings holistic, trans-disciplinary strategies to urban and rural challenges, bridging her diverse professional experiences that have included community development, design and management of public space, transportation systems, economic development, and historic preservation. At the core of Elka’s professional approach is her research on complexity and systems theory, which has shaped her understanding that the intangible behind-the-scenes social network is just as important as (if not more than) the physical realm itself. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, yet having studied and worked in this politically charged milieu, Elka is an advocate of sensitive and context-specific solutions for cities and public spaces.


Estel Pukk
Bigbank Group, Head of WOW Support Services


Estel Pukk is working in one of the unique financial companies in Estonia. Bigbank is owned by Estonians and during the last 25 years of operation, they have expanded to nine countries across Europe. Their team consists of 430 Bigbankers with more than half of them not Estonians, but Latvians, Lithuanians, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese by origin. How to deliver a great employee experience in a multicultural and geographically dispersed organization so that it meets the needs of the employee(s) as well the customers and company? The simple answer is to ask wisely. Her team, WOW Support Services, is responsible for ensuring that the organization of the work helps each and every employee to be a valuable asset for the company every single day. What they do is provide high-quality HR, internal communication, document management and office services and develop the reputation of Bigbank as an employer. Follow @lifeatbigbank and #bigbankwow on Instagram for a glimpse into our daily lives.

Jane Oblikas
Design coach and facilitator

Jane is a design coach and facilitator, as well as a big believer in human-centred design. She believes that design mindset and the use of design tools on a daily basis can make our everyday work more meaningful, people-centred, effective and more rewarding. 6 years of experience as a CEO of Estonian Design Centre has given her experience in facilitating and developing service design and design thinking training sessions, master classes and public-sector innovation programs. She has started and led new initiatives in the Estonian design field: design and innovation program Design Bulldozer, national design action plan and Estonian Design Awards.

Keiu Telve
Applied Anthropology Centre of Estonia, Co-founder

Keiu Telve is a co-founder of Applied Anthropology Centre of Estonia. She has master’s degree in ethnology from the University of Tartu and at the moment, she is doing her PhD in ethnology and human geography at the University of Tartu and the University of Eastern Finland. Her main research interests are work culture, cross-border movement, family-life and transnationality, but also UX-research and applied research possibilities of humanities in the field of ICT. Within the last three years, Keiu Telve has conducted research both for the private and public sector and has consulted clients how to apply nudging in Estonian construction sector as well as in the startup world.

Kaspar Korjus
e-Recidency, Managing Director


Kaspar Korjus (29), as Managing Director of e-Residency, is building the first transnational digital identity platform in the world. e-Residency is a new fully digital nation for global citizens, built on inclusion, transparency and legitimacy to empower citizens globally and to achieve worldwide digital and financial inclusion. Kaspar is listed by Forbes Estonia ‘30 under 30’ people as #1 in Technology and Finance and elected by US CTO Megan Smith as one of the 20 global digital leaders. Kaspar is also the founding curator of World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community in Estonia and board member of multiple blockchain and fintech related companies.

Lutz Leichsenring
Creative Footprint, Founder

Lutz Leichsenring is the founder of the Creative Footprint and one of the world’s leading authorities on protecting creative industries. Since 2009, Lutz has been the spokesman and executive board member for the Berlin Clubcommission. He has fought tirelessly for the rights of Berlin’s vast underground club scene by organizing demonstrations, conferences, workshops and by speaking at round tables and parliamentary committees. Lutz started his career in nightlife immediately after high school, when he built one of the largest platforms for music event listings in Germany. He went on to run a nightclub and restaurant until 2010, and today is one of the chief shareholders of a Berlin and London-based recrutainment company Young Targets. His role with the Clubcommission and the Berlin Musicboard has lead Lutz into the city’s Chamber of Commerce, where he frequently votes on development issues that protect creative space affected by gentrification. In 2017, alongside civic luminaries Charles Landry and Mirik Milan, Lutz launched the Creative Footprint, a project to measure, compare, and advocate for creative spaces in urban areas worldwide.

Lynn Fainchtein
 Casete, Music Supervisor

Lynn Fainchtein is a music producer and supervisor, who has taken her musical experience to an ample range of mediums, which include film, television, radio, journalism and recording. She has worked as a producer and musical supervisor on numerous films. She has made long-standing contributions to each of the acclaimed Mexican film director Alejandro González Iñarritu’s films: Biutiful (nominated for the Academy Award), Babel, 21 Grams, Amores Perros (nominated for the Academy Award), and more recently, the internationally acclaimed Birdman and The Revenant. Lynn has also collaborated with Lee Daniels on his award-winning film, Precious (Winner at The Sundance Film Festival). She also regularly collaborates with Canana Films, the production company founded by Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, where she has musically supervised all of their films, which include Abel, Déficit and Chavez. Currently, she’s dedicated to two Netflix series: Ingobernable and Club de Cuervos.

Marc Wesseling
UltraSuperNew, Co-founder

Hailing originally from Amsterdam, Marc has lived in San Francisco, New York, and Hong Kong, where he started media companies, set up branch offices for other agencies and generally made things happen. Marc settled in Japan in 2002, co-founded UltraSuperNew in 2007, and opened the Singapore branch office in 2016. Armed with an LL.M. in media law, he takes his snowboarding more seriously than everything else.

Maria Minerva
Producer, writer and environmental advocate

Maria Minerva is Maria Juur, an Estonian producer, writer, and environmental advocate living in Los Angeles. Maria Minerva has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, Vice, Pitchfork, Interview Magazine, I-D, Dazed & Confused, Vogue, and countless other media outlets. She won two Estonian Music Awards for Best Female Artist and Best Electronic Album in 2015. For the last 5 years, she has been living in the US and was named one of the seminal Los Angeles artists by The Guardian in 2017. Maria Minerva is also a proud member of the Estonian Green Party.

Marko Uibu
Social Innovation Lab, Co-founder

Marko Uibu is a social scientist and an expert of applied research focusing on users, design, and social interventions. He is a co-founder of the Social Innovation Lab, where he aims to develop and promote co-design and design thinking approaches. He works as a lecturer of communication studies at the Institute of Social Studies at the University of Tartu. As an academic and applied researcher, he has conducted a broad range of research about contemporary religiosity, health issues, social interventions, and design. Marko is lecturing in different Estonian universities, teaching masters-level courses in design anthropology, applied anthropology, and co-design. He has a PhD degree in the field of religious studies.

Rasmus Pedanik
Social Innovation Lab, Co-founder

Rasmus Pedanik is working as a social innovation designer and co-creation facilitator and is an expert in design thinking and complex problem-solving. Rasmus is a co-founder of the Estonian Social Innovation Lab, where he develops and applies the methods of design thinking and co-creation to solve complex societal problems and to enhance social enterprise business models. Rasmus has facilitated more than 100 problem-solving workshops. Rasmus is a PhD Student at the University of Tartu, where he researches how different teams solve different kinds of problems. He is also an entrepreneur, namely being the co-owner of Muhu Pagarid, the most well-known Estonian open handicraft bakery chain.

Remi Harris
Remi Harris Consulting, founder

Remi Harris MBE shows creatives, arts organisations, and entrepreneurs how to write about what they do in a way that makes funders want to back them. As a consultant who has secured more than a million pounds for clients, Remi has become an expert in helping people understand what funders want and how to turn their great ideas and passion projects into financial successes. She has a degree in Psychology, an MBA, and 15 years of experience in the music industry as a Director of Operations and founder of many initiatives to help creatives to grow. She is the author of the book „Easy Money? The Definitive Guide to Funding Music Projects in the UK“, and contributor to media including BBC.co.uk, Music Week, and Complete Music Update.

Ruth Barnes
The Other Woman, Founder

Ruth Barnes is a music expert, voiceover artist,  broadcaster, and also the founder of The Other Woman – a music network dedicated to emerging and independent artists. The Other Woman had a home on new music network Amazing Radio for 4 years before returning to London’s legendary Resonance FM in 2016. Ruth has been a presenter and music reporter for BBC and can also be seen on Sky News as a music pundit. She is also a regular speaker at music industry conventions such as The Great Escape Convention and has chaired a panel discussion at the Southbank’s prestigious Meltdown Festival. Ruth is a voice of BBC TV continuity and gallery guides for the likes of The Tate and the National Gallery. She also runs an audio production company – Chalk & Blade.

Sille Krukow
Krukow, Founder & Behavioral Expert

Sille Krukow is a Danish nudge and behavioural design expert who believes in behaviour as the key to driving global change, and a way of introducing healthier, greener, and safer everyday decision making for the many. Sille has spent approximately 10 years collaborating with scientists within the fields of cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, and political science, conducting field studies and designing behavioural interventions to improve public and corporate products and services. She has developed more than 100 interventions, 150 field tests, and trained more than 500 teams within marketing, communication, design, and research. She holds a Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design, is a visiting professor, TED-talker, and the founder and Chief Behavioural Designer of KRUKOW – an innovative consulting group specialising in using applied behavioural science to turn CRS and sustainability goals into action. Through her work, she has built up the KRUKOW portfolio and knowledge bank on how to use applied behavioural science and design thinking to optimize consumer behaviours and businesses within FMCG & Finance. Sille is a frequent contributor to academic journals and the author and co-host of a Danish TV show called „The Power of Habits“, where she “nudges” Danes to better everyday decisions.

Tamara Gal-On
Capitalise on Creativity, founder and music industry expert

Her focus is on enabling her clients to get the One Thing done they know will transform their career or business, and propel them up to their next level.  One of her key tools is helping her clients to develop their intuition, as it tends to lead to inspired action and cuts through nonsense faster. In the music business, she has worked with artists, executives, and managers, ranging from those who are steadfastly indie to those working within the majors system. Tamara has coached clients from 5 continents, from across the LGBT+ spectrum and, since co-creating the Music Leaders Network in collaboration with the Music Publishers Association a decade ago to support women with leadership potential in the music business, she has increasingly coached amazing women in music. In 2016, three of Tamara’s former Music Leaders Network participants were recognised in the Queen’s Honours lists. Tamara tends to attract trailblazers, innovators or change creators within their industry.  More often than not, her clients are seen by the outside world as anything from visionary to terrifying.  She loves them all.