HALL x unda

unda celebrates dancefloor ecologies' vitality.

unda is the new international festival that explores the threads linking club culture, art, activism, and anthropology. At the same time, unda embraces the dance of light and dark and the transformations that occur during the Equinox and pivotal times. Its concept is derived from the species-rich swamps characteristic of Estonia, and its name comes from a Latin word that simultaneously means "wave" and "flock of people" and also refers to the mythical water creature Undine.

Self-organised by a collective ingrained in club culture, the team have a shared purpose of opening vital discussions centred around the importance of creative and gathering spaces.

unda is part of the "Arts of Survival" programme of Tartu, European Capital of Culture 2024.


  1. Mari-Anna MillerEE
  2. Rando ArandEE
  3. SI ProcessUA
  4. DJ Shore RoadEE
  6. J WaxGB
  7. Must SebraEE
  8. noaEE