TMW 2021: Station Narva Stage

TMW is presented by Telia

Creative Hub

Next stop: Tallinn! The Station Narva showcase will bring the hard-hitting beats of its mother festival in the easternmost Estonian post-industrial city Narva to the Tallinn Creative Hub. The historical boiler room will greet the bravest minds and sounds from East, West and North. Roar in unison with the glorious fuzz of Brooklyn’s noiseniks A Place To Bury Strangers, chant the dark parodies of campaign slogans by Icelandic techno-punks Hatari, hum the righteous rhymes of the Palestinian Bashar Murad, surrender to the Tatar-Russian AIGEL’s fearless flow, nod to the coldwave pulse of aptly-named Rainday Station and get lost in Polyšywa’s ambient atmospherics.



Rainday Station


Hatari feat. Bashar Murad

A Place To Bury Strangers