TMW 2022: Viljandi Folk Music Festival x Africa NOW!

Vaba Lava Tallinn (Tallinn) (Tallinn)

Viljandi Folk Stage presents top folk performers from Estonia and abroad. Please welcome our young folk innovators Duo Ruut, the violin duo Leik, the trad-indie-pop ensemble Nagy Bögö, the tandem of Eva Väljaots and Robbie Sherrat borrowing both from Estonian and English traditions and the Estonian-Ukrainian fearless fire-folk squad Svjata Vatra.


Shining a spotlight on Africa & The Diaspora, Africa NOW! aims to offer a spotlight on the new sounds coming from the African continent and its diaspora.

Too often, African music is subject to the cliché of having to be traditional or to fit the obsolete definition of ‘World Music’, and in this way fails to include sounds from the new generations. The musical scene from the continent and the diaspora offers far more diversity than that.

Ranging from the Zambian Scottish singer songwriter Namvula, the evening will include the neo soul voice of Tofa Jaxx (Tanzania) and the groovy fusion of Yelé (Burkina Faso / France), ‘AraboAndalus ElectroRock’ of Rabie Houti Band, and the Ethiopian-Ukrainian hip hop sister trio Fo Sho who will close the evening.


Freak de l’Afrique



Eva Väljaots & Robbie Sherratt

Tofa Jaxx

Duo Ruut


Northern Resonance

Rabie Houti Band

Nagy Bögö


Svjata Vatra

Freak de l’Afrique