Three-dimensional one-of-a-kind listening experience in Ambisonics

Join us at Tallinn Music Week for a unique three-dimensional listening experience curated by the Estonian Electroacoustic Composers Association in collaboration with the Latvian electronic music concert promoter Dirty Deal Audio (DDA), which offers the Ambisonic Touring Dome as a specific sound system with a large number of speakers placed above and around the listeners on a geodesic sphere structure. Ambisonics is a flexible high-definition spatial sound format becoming more and more popular for composers and sound designers.

The four-hour concert (the audience is allowed to come and go between the pieces) will present an overview of acousmatic sound works created in this format by both Estonian and foreign authors. In such a 360-degree and three-dimensional sound space, composers try to create a special acoustic feeling of "being in it" for the listeners, which is also called immersion.

Our cooperation partner Dirty Deal Audio (DDA) is a musician community, label and studio based in Riga, Latvia. For more than a decade DDA name kept popping up in association with countless independent music scene events, social activities, record releases, etc. Since 2017 DDA has joined the immersive audio world and the Ambisonic Touring Dome is its recent addition.

Making its public debut at TMW, the Estonian Electroacoustic Composers' Association is dedicated to exploring and introducing diverse new soundscapes. Their mission is to engage with electroacoustic composition, sound art, ambisonics, and other immersive sound formats through the organisation of events and the release of innovative album projects that highlight the composer’s role in shaping the sonic landscape of society.