Ida-Viru warm-up events

TMW 2023 takes place on 10 – 14 May 2023. The programme will be announced in spring 2023. Until then you can check out the programme for last year’s festival’s warm-up events in Ida-Viru county.

International music and city festival and music conference Tallinn Music Week (TMW) takes place in both Tallinn and for the first time ever in Narva. One of the most significant new music events in Europe starts on 4 – 6 May in Tallinn and continues on 7 – 8 May in Narva. For the joint festival of the two cities, TMW joins forces with the Station Narva festival and organises warm-up events in various cities in Ida-Viru county.

Participants at each of the following events have a chance to win a Tallinn-Narva Music Week Festival Pass for two.

Events are free for all!

TMW 2022: Kohtla-Järve WARM-UP
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Thursday, 14 April at 18.00-23.00
White Hall of the Kohtla-Järve Museum of Oil Shale

On Thursday, 14 April, TMW awaits everyone in the White Hall of the Kohtla-Järve Museum of Oil Shale for a community discussion “How to create your own renown city festival?”. The speakers’ line-up features young community activists as well as the county’s cultural leaders and workers. All participants are also encouraged to join in the discussion.

Moderated by:
Elisabeth Purga, youth consultant at Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre, host of Seiklusmaa TV

Erik Setškov, organiser of Ida-Võlu Festival
Irina Vladimirova, assistant to Kohtla-Järve Gymnasium’s Activity Leader
Kristo Kõrgnurm, Artistic Director of Jõhvi Culture and Activity Centre, Project Leader of Jõhvi North-East Takeoff
Dmitri Orehhov, organiser of J-FEST street dance festival
Ainar Varinurm, Director of Kohtla-Järve Museum of Oil Shale
Kaisa Pukk, Head of Culture of Toila parish

The exciting discussion is followed by a concert. Performers:
Ensemble Kõuekeeled, the residents of Kiviõli Arts School are cool zither players playing in various styles from folk to pop-rock. In addition to playing the instruments, they also like to sing.

meisterjaan, flows smoothly along the tracks of his older and newer creations, as well as improvisations. With a jew’s harp, vocals, guitar, looping pedal and live electronics he is able to produce buzzing soundscapes, loaded with techno-like beats and weird gabber-meets-country mashups. Hypnosis and a nose flick at the same time.

Dance studio Viis Tähte (Five Stars) from Kohtla-Järve Cultural Centre features about 80 Ida-Viru kids, training under the guidance of coaches Ainikki Seppari, Marika Järvepõllu and Anastassia Ussova. Ainikki and her dancers are also former “Ida-Virumaa Dances” project leaders. In 2021 Viis Tähte accepted a challenge by the Ida-Viru Entreprise Centre’s Tourism Development Department, performing a traditional Estonian dance “kaerajaan” in various places and winning the whole competition. They are joined by the Tallinn-based dancer Anita Derjagina.

They are joined by DJ R.Unt.

Toila Park Cafe’s pop-up bar is also open.

TMW 2022: Jõhvi WARM-UP
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Thursday, 28 April at 19.00-21.30
Viru Prison

TMW is a festival that in addition to concerts, exhibitions et al has set a goal to make people see the environment and surrounding urban space from a different perspective. It aims to take people to places they don’t usually wander to.

On 28 April, TMW will take the audience to Viru Prison, which will host a concert by the young and talented Estonian singer and songwriter Shira on the prison building’s rooftop. Shira’s performance focuses on freedom – something that we tend to value only when it has been taken away. Shira will perform with a trio that adds a guitar and cajon to the vocal. Her emotional timbre adds soul and depth to her creations, creating an extraordinary collaboration with the environment.

Prior to her gig, the visitors will be able to take part in excursions that introduce the prison and prison service, which is not there to punish or separate, but to protect Estonians’ freedom and safety. TMW’s aim is to join people regardless of their nationality or ethnicity and bring them together with something positive and inspiring. This is our contribution to avoiding separation and alienation from society. Music and culture have the power to inspire, encourage, support and give hope. This is why on the same day there will be a concert for the detainees and visitors have the chance to visit a pop-up art exhibition of the detainees’ art.

Pre-registration is required to attend the TMW Jõhvi warm-up event. (Deadline 22 April)
Link for pre-registration here.

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Tuesday 3 May
kood/Jõhvi at Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre

Shortly before TMW, on Tuesday 3 May, a public discussion “How to make the local community to be more active?” takes place at kood/Jõhvi which resides in the Sillamäe Vocational Education Centre. The discussion is followed by a concert by the vocalist, songwriter and arranger Linda Kanter’s self-titled jazz trio.

Aet Kiisla, Sillamäe’s sports activist
Vladimir Võssotski, Head of Sillamäe Jazz Time festival
Kadi Lääts, Community Leader at kood/Jõhvi
Jana Budkovskaja, Founder of Narva’s multimedia centre OBJEKT
Valeria Lavrova, Head of Narva’s discussion day BAZAR juht

Moderated by:
Anzelika Pratkunas, Project Leader of Startup Estonia Ida-Virumaa

Kontsert: Linda Kanter Trio