André MarmotGB

Agent at Earth Agency

André believes passionately in the power of music to connect people across cultural and social boundaries. He joined London’s Earth Agency as an agent in 2018, specialising in the common ground between African, jazz and global electronic music. Before that he had his own company Wormfood, programming and promoting over 500 concerts, festival stages and club nights between 2007 and 2018, representing and releasing music by artists including Tony Allen, Nubiyan Twist, BCUC and Onipa.

He is also the percussionist in much-loved afro-electronic band Afriquoi, and the founder and Artistic Director of Camberwell Fair, a free-entry community festival in South East London. In addition to his work as an agent and organiser, André is the author of a forthcoming book on Faber and Faber about the political and cultural context around the new wave of UK jazz.