Andrew BaschynUS

Founder of Modern Life Records and Symphony of Brotherhood promotions

Andrew Baschyn began composing and producing electronic music at a recording studio in 1990. About a year and a half later he moved to Minneapolis and was forced to take on engineering duties himself after purchasing an Emulator lll. In 1995 he began recording under the name autonomous. In 1996 he found an atmospheric guitarist and a year later a female vocalist. This would result in the successful project releasing a debut double album and a follow up album. The project was also known for having a more organic sound Live which was unusual for an electronic based crew. In the early 2000's he would move back to Chicago and open a mostly vintage analog synthesizer and drum machine studio down the street from the Sears Tower. In 2008 the studio would move back to Minneapolis while the ties are still tight with the Chicago artists he continues to produce. As well as being a respected Producer and Promoter, he now also oversees the talent and operations of the new label, Modern Life Records.