Anthony LinellSE

DJ, head of label Northern Electronics

Purposefully ricocheting between the world of techno and experimental electronic music, Linell forges a distinct passage that gathers the aesthetically uncompromising motifs and missions from across this spectrum. From his inaugural statements as Abdulla Rashim on his early eponymous label to his most recent work, there is a robust and rigorous intent that combines the elemental strategies of techno models to capture his singular vision.

Running Stockholm's Northern Electronics label with Varg (Jonas Rönnberg), Linell eschews the mechanisms of attention on all fronts. Carving out an idiosyncratic platform for his music is as big a warning as there could be that Linell's leveraging little for the benefit of the audience. By his standards, the familiarity and comfort of contemporary techno are stripped back to its beating heart, the senses left to follow the stroboscope in a fit of intuition over the decision. The more this is exposed, the colder it gets, and it is in these extremes that Linell's caustic rhythmic precision strikes. Live, it's like a galvanising blow from the outside; analysing the room as a DJ, it's like being chased through the dark.