Arlette HovingaNL

Publicist and marketing/media director at That Jazz Girl

Arlette Hovinga (That Jazz Girl) is a publicist and marketing/media director from The Netherlands. Focusing on release- and tour promo, she works all over Europe to represent everything jazz, and anything experimental. When not on the road with colleagues, clients, and friends such as Jason Miles (Marcus Miller, Miles Davis), she can be found organizing press tours for festivals such as A to JazZ Showcase Festival (BG), So What's Next? (NL), Szczecin Jazz Festival (PL), and Sicilia Jazz Festival (IT). In the past, she's been known to work with The Four Tops, Earth Beat Agency, Matt Bianco, and many others. Her hobby, besides having the best job in the world, involves books, reading, collecting vintage cookbooks, and learning languages.

Armed with more than ten years of experience in the industry, fueled with enthusiasm and energy (alright, and coffee), and always ready for a laugh, Arlette wants to build long-term commitments, and work toward positive, durable growth for each of her projects. She lives in Poland with her cat, Vladimir, and a sizeable bookshelf.