Gianna GrecoIT

Member of Putan Club, Booker, PR

Gianna Greco's teenage years and early career as a musician in the deep south of Italy were accompanied by a cheerful disgust at the two-headed hydra of the society in which she lived. A parasitic system set up to benefit a privileged class and a male prerogative which declared one half of humanity free and autonomous while reducing the other half to slavery. A one-sex society. A man's world. Gianna also became aware early on of the triple nature of female slavery: ignorance, capitalism and men.

In 2011, the Tunisian revolution gave her cause for optimism. She witnessed first-hand the excitement surrounding the "High Commission for the Fulfilment of Revolutionary Objectives, Political Reform and Democratic Transition". She was overwhelmed by the strength of Tunisian women and impressed by her personal encounters. Eventually, disgusted by the outcome of the revolution, she returned to Europe to take up arms.

She has a tattoo with a quote by Pier Paolo Pasolini: "The world is becoming corrupted by a wellbeing made up of selfishness, stupidity, superficiality, gossip, moralising, coercion, and conformity: any form of participation in this corruption is, today, an act of fascism". She’s the founder of PUTAN CLUB, a cell for artistic activism founded on ideals of levity, swiftness, proletarianism, atheism, and iconoclasm. Gianna now lives between Pamir, France, and Argentina, and continues to pursue only what thrills her.