Jens-Markus WegenerDE

Founder of AMW Publishing, Senior Consultant at Guesstimate

Jens-Markus Wegener started his music industry career as a contributor for music magazines. He founded his own promotion and marketing company Public Propaganda in 1987, moving on to develop the DDC-Clubcharts, Europe’s most influential trend barometer in the growing dance scene. He also founded the music publishing company AMV Alster Musikverlag and dance music labels USS and LME. In 2000s he initiated the German Dance Awards (GDA) and became a board member at Deutscher Musikverleger Verband“ (DMV). In 2013 Wegener got appointed as Managing Director at IMAGEM Music GmbH, where he was responsible for key signings such as SCOOTER, DJ Antoine and P.A. Sports.

In 2018 he became Senior Consultant at Edition Intro Meisel GmbH (aka Meisel Music), the leading privately owned independent publishing company where he established a new international network of sub-publishers and a digital content management system, while also being in charge of creative matters. In 2021 he became the Publishing Director at Guesstimate Publishing working on finding international catalogues for GSA and Central-European markets and oversees as well as a sync strategy for the international marketing of Guesstimate´s catalogue.

In May 2023 Wegener will reactivate his own publishing company AMV Publishing while continuing to work as a senior consultant for Guesstimate.