Malik BerrabahNL

CEO and Music Producer at Wisseloord Studios / Wisseloord Academy

French musician, composer, and music producer Malik Berrabah is acting internationally under numerous monikers. He is the CEO and Co-owner of the world-famous Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands since 2016. Founded by Polygram/Polydor in partnership with Philips, Wisseloord has had a rich history in the music business for over 45 years. The Rolling Stones, Elton John, U2, The Police, Chris Brown, David Guetta, and many more have been working in Wisseloord’s massive studio complex. Malik manages also the Wisseloord House of Music (which includes artist residences and a writing camps centre that he developed in partnership with BMG and several export bureaus), and the Wisseloord Academy. In 2022 the Wisseloord Academy opened a campus in Paris and will extend its activities to Milan and Reykjavik in July 2023. Malik is also part of the Amsterdam Fonds Voor De Kunst’s board of advisors, responsible for the music and music theatre subsidies within the Dutch capital.