Marcelo GaribottoAU, FI

Director & Founder of VIA Music Group

Marcelo's extensive background in engineering, manufacturing and senior management has given him a wide range of skills and experience that he brings to his role as a mentor and strategic leader. He has served as a mentor to industry professionals in both the music and blockchain worlds, including HEMI Music Hub, X10, The Crypto Collective, Come Together and MOOD. In addition to his mentoring work, Marcelo has a track record of launching new products and brands into new markets through his strategic marketing and operational approach.

At VIA Music Group, Marcelo and his team are committed to supporting exceptional artists on their musical journey. The company's bespoke strategies are tailored to each artist's unique needs and capabilities, with the aim of connecting the right teams with the right artists in the right territories. VIA Music Group's ultimate goal is to find the right publicist, label, publisher, producer, writer, tour manager and booking agent to help their artists grow and reach their full potential.