Mari MeentaloEE

Artist, Producer / member of OOPUS

Mari Meentalo is a freelance musician, composer, producer, manager and teacher who feels at home in both electronic and traditional music. She has presented her work and honed her skills from school musicals and Estonian Eurovision Song Contest Selection to busking in China and performing at the Burning Man Festival in the US. Meentalo graduated from the Estonian University of Life Sciences with a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture and went on to explore urban studies in the Estonian Academy of Arts. She also has a major in traditional Estonian music. Her main instruments are flute, Estonian bagpipes, mouth harp, voice and loopers. Since 2017 Meentalo has been working with Johannes Ahun, Aleksander Sprohgis and Raho Aadla in the multimedia folktronica band OOPUS. For the past few years they have been curating the folktronica showcase event at TMW.

She has collaborated with Kristjan Järvi on his album "Nordic Escapes" (2020), released an album with the Estonian Folk Orchestra and several singles with her former band Meister ja Mari, produced solo tracks and much more.