Mihkel KübarEE

Head of Intsikurmu Festival

Music and theatre loving family guy, whose stress tolerance is strongly over the normal people. Everything we do, we are doing for the Future. Idealist, but not naïve, passionate to stand for what is right. Ambition to create but not shine. Love to listen music and people, excited about the opportunities the world gives. Leader, where it is needed and volunteer, where I see the most use of myself. Never thinking about who I could be but with whom we can create something beautiful. Focusing only things which makes difference in our everyday life. Grateful to all the people with whom we have built the Intsikurmu Festival and continue to do it in the Future. All the problems are challenges and there is never no-solution situation. There is always the way. Nothing comes for granted but expects lot of work. I wish there would be 27 hours per day.