Nuka Alice LundGL

Inuk drumdancer

Nuka Alice Lund is one of the pioneers in the revitalisation of the Inuit drum dancing and singing in Greenland.

She learned drum dancing from Pauline Lumholt in 2009 and that same year she also created the first of her own drum songs. She has dedicated her life to performing, creating and teaching drum dance songs in order to keep alive the tradition of the Greenlandic Inuit drum dancing and singing - inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2021. Not only is she a keeper of songs that she passes along when she teaches, she also creates her own drum songs. Nuka Alice teaches Inuit drum dance at Knud Rasmussen Højskolea, Serravik music school and the National Theatre School.

Nuka Alice has performed inuit drum dance in different constellations. In 2017 she and the respected eastgreenlandic drum dancer Anda Kuitsi opened the autumn gathering for the greenlandic parliament as the first drum dancers to do so. Nuka Alice has also opened the annual Arctic Sounds music festival since it started in 2014.

Nuka Alice teaches inuit drum dance at Knud Rasmussenip højskolea, The music school Serravik and also as a guest teacher at the national theatre school.