Stefanie SchumannDE

CEO of Delicious Tunes

Stefanie Schumann is the founder and owner of the music agency Delicious Tunes, which she opened in 2012. Delicious Tunes focuses on artist management, concert booking, tour and concert production for African artists touring internationally. Since 2009, she has booked and produced over 700 concerts in Europe and on the African continent. This has made her an expert in the touring sector from booking, contract negotiations, visa applications to travel logistics and concert production and she understands the needs and challenges of touring artists.

On the management side, Stefanie works closely with artists to build long term relationships and sustainable career strategies. In 2020, she expanded Delicious Tunes' services to include a record label and publishing division. Stefanie has an in-depth knowledge of music rights and working as a label, producer and publisher, which she continues to develop. Stefanie is also a founding member and CEO of the non-profit organisation START WITH CULTURE gUG, which aims to promote culture and enrich cultural exchange.