Vilja GrotenfeltFI

Head of Sales and Marketing of Flow Festival

Vilja Grotenfelt works as the head of sales and marketing for Flow Festival, which takes place in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, from 11 to 13 August 2023. The year 2022 proved to be the most successful edition of the festival to date, with over 90,000 visitors enjoying the urban festival area. In addition to its trailblazing music, art and food programme, the festival is known for its ambitious sustainability programme, which makes sense for many brands looking for value-based partnerships.

Vilja has a strong background in sales, marketing and media. She has a strong passion for blending culture, sustainability, and business, and strives to discover innovative and imaginative approaches to captivate audiences with unforgettable brand experiences, both during festivals and in the pre- and post-festival periods throughout the year.