Wouter Van LooyBE

Artistic director of theatre company Zonzo Compagnie, founder of the Big Bang Festival

He is the founder of Zonzo Compagnie which realizes innovative projects and productions in the field of music, sound art and music theater for young audiences. Zonzo Compagnie is the driving force behind BIG BANG, an adventurous music festival for young audiences that is yearly active in 17 European and Canadian cities and received the EFFE award in 2015 as Europe’s most innovative festival.

Wouter Van Looy is also resident stage director at the Belgian company Muziektheater Transparant. As stage director he premiered recently in Germany (Staatsoper Berlin and Ruhr Triennial), Switzerland (Luzerner Theater and Zürich Theaterspektakel), Sweden (Folkoperan), Mexico (Musica y Escena), and elsewhere.